Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 1

Well here I go....adding yet another layer of input into the sea of information that exists within the internet world.  I know there are numerous others out there doing the exact same thing and in the exact same area.   And from the ones I have come across, they are extremely talented and far more advanced in the use of the whole "blog world" technology.  I have however, found a following within the Flickr community of individuals who seem interested in my particular take of expression.  I have tried from time to time to share some of the "parts" of what make up an image for me.....what I look for, what captures my attention while I'm out, what I look for once the image has been loaded on to my computer....and on and on.  But giving so much information within the Flickr community under every image can have it's draw backs.  So I offer this format to not only share some of these things, but to answer questions and offer the chance for others to express their thoughts as well.  

More than anything else....I want to encourage and inspire the artist within each of you.  I have gained so much from the numerous individuals around the world with whom I've come in contact.  I will be sharing with you those I find to be particularly inspiring and why I find them to be so.   For I believe the development of our ability to observer to be the most fundamentally important thing we can do to it in art, or in life.  
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Well, I guess that is about it.  Thanks for reading.