Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gaining a Fresh Perspective

Continuing on from my last post, I want to look at the value of "scene" and "subject".  Notice I didn't write "or"....but rather "and".  Now I know....a scene certainly has a subject or a main focusing element (or at least I would hope it does).  The thing I would like to look at has more to do with thinking about gaining a fresh focus on what you want to express.

I took the image above while driving up to capture some of the fall color.  Now, this is just your basic HDR shot and has had no other "tweeking" going on with it yet.  I will probably do that at a later date, but sharing it, helps to explain what I'm getting at.  

The rail fence is certainly my main subject.  But equally important is the overall scene....foliage full of color, leaves on the ground, dried and dieing grasses and so forth.  As I looked at the fence I kept thinking...."how can I say this better?"  How can I capture the character of the fence, with this interesting rail wrapped in wire, in a way that makes it feel more....interesting?  There are loads of old fence shots out there, so what perspective will make this one fresh?

So, if you want the subject to become more up close and need to get up close and personal to shoot it.  So that is what I did.....

Please notice that pretty much all of the elements that made the first shot "autumn", are included in the sceond image....or at least you are aware they are there.  But the complete focus is entirely on the fence and that interesting top rail.  The focus of the top image is of an autumn scene.  The focus of the bottom image is all about the fence.  I think both images have a "story" (a term I will explain in more depth at a later time for those who aren't quite sure what I mean)...
but the "story" the second image has to tell was a more interesting one for me.

I have  often found it necessary to get a little dirty to obtain something fresh.  If you are more in the habit of capturing a scene as demonstrated in the first shot, experiment with the idea of pulling your focus even tighter into that most important part.   If you are in the habit of always being nice and tight....maybe it's time to step back a bit to loosen your gaze.  I have found that both perspectives gain a freshness when we learn to spend time expressing them both.

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  1. No wonder it give such a 'cozy' feel. "Up close and personal", indeed! Thank you for this very helpful food for thought.