Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's in a Term?

I have on a few occasions now used a term "story" and I would like to give a little more understanding as to what I mean.   First, let's look at the literal definition of the word...
An account of an event or a series of events, either true or fictitious.....a narrative intended to interest....romantic legend or tradition.

While working on a image I find I have a continuing narrative that seems to run in the back of my mind asking the question...."what is this saying to me?"  Textured images have become a passion for me for translating in a visual narrative  a story of emotion...of drama....of mystery.  It allows me an opportunity to combine what is true (the original photograph) with fictitious elements (the multiple overlying textures) to create a feeling of history and imagination.  

A good starting point with an image might have something to do with the light.  Does it seem bright and glarey, making me want to squint my eye's?  If it does, I find myself remembering moments in my past of when I was in the same kind of situation and recalling how it felt... was I anxious, annoyed, relaxed, nostalgic?  What ever the answer....which of these feelings best matches up to the current image I'm working on?

With this image, I knew it brought back memories of childhood.  Playing outside on a early summer morning while dew still hung on the grasses.  There was a sparkling quality to world around me and feeling of freshness that filled my imagination with wonder.  
I liked where I felt the "story" of the image was heading so, everything I did from that point on had me evaluate...does this add to the story....change it in some way....or distract?....and I made my choices from there.  

If you've never thought of looking at your images in this way....try it.  I think you will find if makes them far more personal to you.  Be willing to go beyond simply struggling to give an accurate account of a particular moment or event. 

I would like to let everyone know I will sharing with you the insights of other photographers it has been my good fortune to have come across and learned from.  Their skills and abilities far surpass my own and I know you will gain immensely from them.


  1. Really enjoying your new blog! Looking forward to all you will be teaching me. Thank you.

  2. Hey John,I just discovered your blog through flickr and I really enjoy your photography and your writing. I hope to follow your blog and glean as much information as i can from your experience.