Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dawn.....more than a moment.

I have been following Dawns' work for some time now.  I find her imagery to be a fresh and fascinating expression of the world around her.  I asked if she would be willing to write a piece for my blog explaining a bit about herself and her approach.  It is a wonderful addition to what I'm trying to offer here......enjoy.

A lot of people tell me that my images remind them of something they have long ago forgotten,
or that there is a sense of timelessness or memory in my photographs.  I think that the experiences that each of us have as children, becomes an important breeding ground for how we view the world and then later, how we interpret that world...whether through music, art, dance or writing.  The way that I shoot images is deeply connected to a way that I am needing to express myself at that time.  Often the subject and processing of the image is the way that I express the emotionality of what I am currently experiencing.  I have realized that the subject matter of many of my shots directly relates to my experiences as a child and still remains important to me today.

I like the intimacy of a shallow depth of field. I like to absorb the world around me in small ways, so I
photograph in the same manner.  Often times, I will shoot an image knowing exactly how I want it to be processed and the mood I want it to portray.  I might play with blurring the subject matter, over/under exposing it or shooting with other lenses like my lensbaby to get the effect I am searching for. 

There are other times that I shoot just because the sheer colors or light catches my eye....usually when I am outdoors.  The light is so the key element, but I also look for patterns and repetition.  When I shoot outdoors, I usually shoot many different perspectives and entertain people nearby when I get down in the dirt and wallow around on my belly.  I have ruined clothes, gotten spider bites, and suffered through poison ivy trying to get the perspective I was looking for, but I think most photographers do.

I would encourage other photographers to always be aware of why they are drawn to what they're shooting.  Be aware of the perspective that feels best to them, the mood, the lighting, the colors, the subject matter.  What is it that compelled them to shoot the image in the first place?  And, to be aware of the themes that seem to come up for them as they continue to shoot.  Lastly, of course, to shoot, shoot, shoot!

 - Dawn Hanna

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  1. john, thank you again for the honor of being able to share with you and your readers.

  2. I loved reading more about you and your process Dawn...you are an inspiration to me and I am so glad John has shared your work with his readers.

  3. I like to imagine that I'm Dawn's number one fan, but I rather think there are many many others who would challenge me for that position. I'm constantly awed by the profound ways her mind works and the beautiful words that accompany many of her images. A most talented artist and wonderful human being!!

  4. Dawn's work has been very inspiring to me and a joy to follow. Her images have emotion, and that is probably one reason I'm drawn to her work. Keep shooting Dawn, always looking forward to the next, thanks John for spot-lighting her!